Aqua Gen
Aqua Gen

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Installation Diagram

Aqua Gen Installation Diagram

Aqua Gen is an advanced oxygen water treatment system designed for swimming pools, spas, therapy pools and water features.

The Aqua-Gen will dramatically increase the dissolved oxygen content of your pool. The higher oxygen levels in the water have proven to provide enhanced disinfecting and oxidizing capabilities.

The Aqua-Gen system will decrease the amount of traditional chemicals used by up to 40% including sanitizers such as chlorine and bromine, pH control chemicals and specialty chemicals.

The Aqua-Gen system atomizes pure oxygen molecules and injecting them into the pool recirculation loop. Increased oxygen levels can offer many health benefits to the swimmer. Medical centers and hospitals use oxygenated water for healing burn patients.

Injecting 100% pure oxygen will result in High Dissolved Oxygen (HDO) level ranging from 10-30 ppm of residual in the water. The results can be spectacular.

The Aqua-Gen system will help to control algae since algae is unable to grow in a highly oxygenated environment.

The Aqua-Gen system is easily adapted to your existing filtration and chemical treatment system. A by-pass loop is taken between the pool filer and heater using 1 ½” PVC plumbing. The injection of oxygen is then directed downstream of the pool heater. A single Aqua-Gen unit can treat up to 200,000 gallons.

The Aqua-Gen system is NSF50 certified.

The Aqua-Gen is requires an electrical connection of 120/208/240VAC, 20/15amp, single phase and a GFCI protected outlet.