Aqua Gen

Aqua Gen

Aqua Gen is an advanced oxygen water treatment system designed for swimming pools, spas and water features.

pHure Feed

pHure Feed is an advanced injection for carbon dioxide (CO2) gas for pH control of your swimming pool.

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Aqua Gen

Aqua Gen is an advanced oxygen water treatment system designed for swimming pools, spas and water features.

Aqua Gen

pHure Feed

pHure Feed is an advanced injection for carbon dioxide (CO2) gas for pH control of your swimming pool.

pHure Feed

AquaSafe Testimonial

Swimming School owner and head instructor testimonial on the benefits of Pure Vision technologies oxygen ozone system.

Aqua Fuzion Intro


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Pure Vision Technologies is highly focused on providing the very best water quality we can deliver to a pool, spa, water feature or therapeutic aquatic environment. Over the last two and half years of development, extensive beta testing and (NSF 50) approval, we have received and witnessed several positive results both from an operational and therapeutic standpoint. Here’s what our clients are saying:

“Stonegate Community Association is a premier master planned 916 residential community located in Scottsdale, Arizona. One of our major recreational amenities is our community pool, which holds 155,000 gallons of water. Appearance and water quality is tremendously important. The Community Association has treated the pool in the past with a standard chlorination system and has also used a salt-water chlorination, which both systems failed. In 2014, the AquaGen Advanced Oxidation System was installed. The water quality and appearance has greatly improved. Lap swimmers have commented that they can clearly see the pool wall 25 meters away.


Our chlorine usage has significantly decreased since we installed the unit and our residents have noticed the change. Many have asked if we have stopped using chlorine due to no more chlorine smell in the water. They also said that the water feels very soft like salt water but without the salt, still making our skin feel soft and not dry after leaving the pool.

Our community management as well as our residents are extremely happy and very impressed with results from our new oxygen system. We thank Exceptional Water Systems for providing us with the quality of water beyond what we had expected.”

Larry Paprocki

Executive Director, Stonegate Community Association Scottsdale, Arizona

Allergic Reactions to Chemicals

I am very sensitive to conventional chemicals used in swimming pools and spas. My eyes get red and itchy, I start sneezing almost immediately, and this effect lasts for several hours after leaving the pool. In addition to these sensitivities, my skin feels dry and itchy, my hair feels dry and crunchy, and I smell like chlorine, even after showering. After getting in a pool with the AquaGen system, I could immediately tell a difference. There wasn’t a chlorine odor and I didn’t have the allergic reaction that I normally experience. Hours after leaving the pool, I did not smell like chorine, my hair didn’t feel dry and crunchy, and my skin felt soft. On top of all of that, the water felt very soft and light. What a great experience at the pool! I hope more businesses decide to incorporate the AquaGen into their pool/spa systems.


Hi Mike this is Erica from Aqua Tots! A few weeks back, I had a mother of twin boy’s call inquiring about classes. She was a very concerned, protective parent expressing her unease with public pools and the chemicals used to keep them clean. I spoke with her about our pool system and after about a 35 minute conversation, she decided to do a trial class for the boys.

I was not here during the scheduled class but my coworker was. She let me know the parent’s reaction when they came to class. The first thing they noticed was how there was no trace of chemical smell in our facility. After the boys lesson they went into the pool room to rinse the boys off, the parents were pleasantly surprised to find that the boys did not smell like chlorine.

The parents were so impressed with our pool system and knowing our water was clean and safe, parents made their final decision to sign-up the boys for continued lessons!


Aqua-Tots Swim Schools Paradise Valley

This is Lauren from Aqua-Tots and I absolutely love our pool water. I spent the last 4 years working at another swim school and their water was nowhere near the quality we have here at Aqua-Tots. I was accustomed to frequent skin irritations like eczema that required three separate doctor visits. One time I even had to leave in the middle of a shift because my skin was burning so badly. My hair even had the hardest time growing, if at all. No matter how many showers I took, I forever smelled like a chlorine, even if I had not worked that day in the water!

With my start at the new Aqua-Tots in Paradise Valley, I’ve learned not all pool water is the same. My hair does not have a permanent chlorine smell and it’s growing again! My skin has zero irritation and even feels smooth after I get out of the water. There is no chemical smell or taste, it just feels like pure clean water. I’m very spoiled in the pool at our facility,
unlike my previous swimming experiences I’ve deal with.

Pure Vision Technologies, AquaGen advanced oxygen system is amazing. I’m excited to educate the families that come here about our incredible system. The guys over at Exceptional Water Systems have done a great job with the design and installation of our equipment.


Aqua-Tots Swim Schools Paradise Valley

“Our patrons are commenting that they really enjoy the high quality of our pool water. A couple from Canada had been to an expensive resort in Hawaii and commented that their pools did not have the quality of ours so they swam in the ocean. Thanks and keep up the good work.”

Michael Moore

Community Manager, Mountain Bridge Community Association Mesa, Arizona

“The pool water was much more similar to purified, bottled water than other pools in which I have swam. The air on the immediate surface of the pool was cleaner with no smell of chlorine gases escaping from the pool water. After an hour of swimming I did not experience the typical tight/itchy skin.”

Daniel Sean Casey

Former Collegiate swimmer and professional triathlete, More than 12,000 hours of competitive training worldwide after swimming in the Mountain Bridge Community Pool in Mesa, Arizona

“After installing the AquaGen Advanced Oxygen System at our facility, we started to see remarkable differences in our water quality and chemical savings, and other benefits as well.”

Erin Sampley

Head of Swimming Instruction, Aspire Kids Sports Center in Chandler, Arizona

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